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Actively maintaining company profiles in social media has plenty of advantages and functionalities. The platforms offer many marketing opportunities, and they are constantly evolving. The only question is, how will YOU use them to promote your brand? 

Arouse emotions.


Creating engaging storytelling on corporate social media profiles creates completely new opportunities. Presenting the business "inside out", showing recipients an interesting story and individual features of the brand is an excellent way to boost emotions and gain loyal customers.

Build relations.


Simply communicating content is fine, but collect feedback as well. Respond to comments and questions. Engage in interactions. Show customers that you are at their disposal.

Be visible.


Most people are eye-catchers. The perception of information from a photo is quick and simple. Well-chosen images and interesting graphics arouse the desired action and create an interest in the product/service/brand.

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Business Page.


A company profile on FB is the same must have as owning a website. It is a basic channel of communication with users, which is used even by the smallest, one-person entrepreneurs. What do you gain by running a company page?


1. You are making your business look more credible.

2. You are increasing brand exposure in the Google ranking - you are easier to search for.

3. You are forming an active, engaged audience/customer group.

4. You are creating an opportunity for open communication with your customers - you are listening to their needs, answering questions, providing information about promotions, news and changes.


Don't have time for this? I would be happy to take care of a comprehensive management of your page on FB.

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Professional Instagram.


Be where your customers are. If you want to promote your product, increase sales or build brand identity, then you should definitely consider creating a company profile. Why should you actively run an IG account?


1. You are presenting your business in front of a huge audience.

2. You are creating brand awareness and interacting with customers.

3. Customers buy with their eyes - you are reaching your audience in an

eye-catching way.

4. You are creating a short purchase path  - by tagging products in posts.


Don't have time for this? I would be happy to take care of all the maintenance of your IG account.

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Complete graphic identity service.


Corporate identity is the basis in creating brand credibility and an important element positioning the company in the industry. Professional and coherent branding will highlight your business against the competition, attract attention and potential customers.  Why is it worth taking care of a well-thought-out and consistent visual identification?  


1. You are building the company's identity and awareness among customers.

2. You can effectively distinguish yourself on the market.

3. You are creating a consistent image in online activities.

4. You can turn branding success into financial benefits.


I will help you find characteristic, unique features of your business and emphasise them in your logo and corporate visual identity.

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